Nuru Life Funeral Cover

Bumaco Life Insurance is providing this funeral cover to the range of individuals and groups of family members;

  • This cover can be taken by any individual, a family member or a member of a group
  • It gives range of choice of funeral benefits at the time of unfortunate event, mainly death of the policy holder, one legal spouse, Two Parents or children (maximum 4 children)
  • At the event of death, this cover shall provide the agreed benefit within 48 hour
  • This cover attracts one month waiting period after commencing its life coverage

How to join as an individual:

  • Any individual may take this cover for his/her funeral arrangements
  • An insured must provide for the beneficiary of his cover.
  • Premium amount will be calculated depending on age of the insured

Other Qualifications:

  • An insured should be a member of particular group.
  • He or She should be a resident of Tanzania.
  • Should have at least 18 years of age, but not more than 65 years old.
  • Should have legal identification at the time of registration
  • Should be able of paying premiums.

Benefits and Premiums for Individuals

Annual Premiums Benefits
25,000 1,000,000
50,000 2,000,000
75,000 3,000,000
100,000 4,000,000
120,000 5,000,000
250,000 10,000,000

All premiums, shall be payable at the head office of the Insurer. The assured may pay the insurance premium based on sum assured either monthly, quarterly, semi-annualy or annually.